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Stinga T hit number 4 on ReverbNation’s Hip Hop Charts for Adelaide, SA, AU!
27 Jun 2014

Up there with stand out hip hop acts like Hilltop Hoods, The Funkoars and Kid Crusher, Stinga T has reached number 4! This is a major break through for the Aussie Rapper/songwriter/hip-hop wizard!

His latest single, Grind on the Low, off his stunning album, “Shine,” is available on iTunes, with a video set to be released “soon.” The track hosts steady beats that are built up with the electro vibes of synths. The kicking drum hollers a thumping vibe that is ready to bring up the tempo of any party. His rapping lyrics are raw and punchy, bringing elements of honesty and hard street style into the tune. The rapping vocals break down with a lyrical chorus that is sensuous and lyrical.  He also announced via FaceBook that he has two more video clips in the making, so keep your eyes peeled!

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, this hip-hop legend is an aboriginal Australian of the Yamatji and Bibulman peoples, with backgrounds in Maori, Native American, Italian and Irish. His multicultural background shines through in his musical practice, creating tracks that are emotional and lyrical. Dark themes sometimes seep through into his music, creating ominous undertones and a reflection of reality.

Not only is Stinga T an extraordinary musician, he is also a knowledgeable actor, with a much anticipated film coming out next year, Friendship, Love and Loyalty. A modern day love story that follows a Romeo and Juliet concept. The emotional roller coaster of love, laughter and tears will bring about moral conflicts between the importance of friendship or the significance of love.

He also just got instagram! Check it out  @Stinga_T

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