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Stinga T hits all the right beats down to a ‘T’ in his new album!
19 Feb 2014

Up and coming Aussie hip-hop artist, Stinga T, has released his third brand new album titled Shine. The album is not only released on iTunes but is also available in over 190 online music stores including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, RDIO, Deezer and emusic.

Stinga T has a talent of keeping old-school hip-hop fresh, which is demonstrated in his music throughout the entire album. Mr Lassiter, a pioneer of the Atlanta Hip Hip and Urban music scenes has even praised Stinga T of his incredible talent, stating: “Stinga T is one of the most unique and talented artists I have seen in the past decade. It is incredible that he has developed his rap skills from Australia and I look forward to global success with Stinga T.” With all this newfound attention on his music, Stinga T is finally receiving the attention he deserves—and he certainly isn’t holding back in his latest album Shine!

Shine contains 10 brand new explosive tracks including collaborations with other talented artists such as Charlie Streetz, Lainie Jamieson, Ezra Juanta, Lil Jayo E and Marka. This Aussie talent is climbing the ranks of hip-hop with each new album release, he’s already ranked #74 in the Australian Reverberation charts and we know we can expect more great things from him in 2014.

If you want to hear a passionate hip-hop artist (which is hard to find these days!), you won’t find any other like Stinga T—we guarantee it! You can even hear it for yourself below.

Click here to download the album on iTunes now !

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