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Stinga T Interviewed by Bullseye
30 Jun 2014

Blue Pie favourite Stinga T has recently been interviewed by Lannah at Bullseye,opening up about his past as part of the group “Tha Deadly Boyz” as well as his current work through his production company Firestick Films and his success as a solo hip hop artist.

Since opening up shop in late 2012, Firestick Films has been an outlet for the aboriginal hip hop artist allowing him to produce films which he has an interest.  “I started my production company which is called “Firestick Films” in late 2012 – just purely for the fact I wanted to write and produce films that I was interested in. Also for the reason of writing and producing films that would allow more Aboriginal actors to play mainstream characters in mainstream stories which I feel we don’t have enough off here in Australia.”

Stinga continues to reveal his wide range of influences including jazz and soul, as well as his plans to crack the American market on his path to hip hop domination.

Find out more about Stinga T here.

Source: Bullseye

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