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Stinga T set to feature in a new film!
16 Jun 2014
A Blue Pie favourite, Stinga T, is set to star in a new film, Friendship, Love and Loyalty.
The highly acclaimed Australian rapper and songwriter, Stinga T, is embarking on a new aspect of the entertainment industry: Acting. With his solo song-writing being lyrical and a beautiful mixture of emotions and moods, we see the dark side of his musical practice come to life through Nate, his character in the new film. Stinga T is an accomplished all-round performer within the entertainment industry, and this new film promises to uphold that mighty claim! Set to be the next big thing, his practice revolves around intense emotional performing and a strong sense of identity, which pushes his limits to become the best entertainer he can be.
IMDB gives us an insight of the upcoming film by providing a sypnopsis of the exciting and contemporary plot:
“This modern day love story with a Romeo and Juliet concept is situated in a small beach town in South Australia. It will take you on an emotional roller coaster of love, laughter and tears as the twists and turns keep you wanting more. Two best friends Nate and Nathan make a pact in high school never to allow anything or anyone to come between them, especially not a girl. Loyalty over love no matter what. After an amicable break up with his long-term girlfriend Denise, Nate leaves the sleepy town to find himself, his dreams and decide on his future only to return a year later with one task in his sight, to marry Denise, the love of his life. Nate quickly realizes that his dreams of spending the rest of his life with her are lost as all is not as it was. His hometown now has a secret, one that changes everything. Friendship first and love after loyalty, that was the pact. Nate must now stay true to his promise, even if it means losing her forever.”
Set to be released on 15 October 2015, this is set to be an emotional rollercoaster, and to shine new light on the Stinga T that we know and love. He is portrayed as a raw and humane character, struggling against the hardships of living and of the complex nature of human emotions and relationships. This imaginative and creative film promises to be a tear jerker, and is definitely one not to be missed!
While music and film was not his first choice in career paths, Stinga T is a natural athlete in every sport he plays. But we are glad for the shift in perspective. His music is creative, focusing on hip hop beats and electro bass drops. The lyrics are imaginative and poetic. He draws inspiration from the world around him, focusing on expressing the truth by providing an honest reflection on his life and his struggles as an up and coming musician. The RnB influences of his music transcend into his acting practice.  The repetitive choruses are simple; yet display his bold talent and courageous musical ability.
You can grab his music from iTunes here.
For more, check out the Friendship, Love and Loyalty’s website here.
And Stinga T’s website here.
Watch the teaser here.
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