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Styl-Plus are big on Spotify and MTV Lounge!
06 Jul 2020

Styl-Plus have made a stylish splash on two major networks, those being Spotify and MTV Lounge! A classic group, Styl-Plus are proving that they have their fans who’ll always be wanting to hear more from them – someone include us in that headcount too!

The quality of the 2020 jam session and the sheer amount of Spotify plays on tracks like Olufunmi tells a very clear story – a group of musicians devoted heavily to their craft, and an equally devoted fanbase who are willing to follow them to see what awesome stuff they bring to us next!

That’s also clear to see in this nostalgic throwback – look how happy all those fans are! That’s our faces when we throw on another custom Styl-Plus playlist.

As we wait for the group to drop another track… maybe, someday… we’ll always have the classics while we yearn fondly for more Stylin! Who’s with us?

If you are, check out Styl-Plus’ social media links, and we’ll see you true superfans there!


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