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Summer Love continues to heat up! Michael Jameson and Andrea Marr have a monster on their hands!
11 Mar 2021

When we last checked in with the latest sizzling hit Summer Love, it had been growing very quickly. We’re pleased to report that little has changed and it’s still turning heads! As we said last time, Summer Love is happening so fast! How fast? 430K collective streams fast!

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Facebook is definitely the place to be for this one in particular. The music video on there is where the brunt of the views are currently! With 412K views on the social media giant, almost 14K views on Youtube, and just a couple hundred plays shy of 114K plays on Spotify, this is proving to be a mega monolith hit that marries the music styles of Australia and America!

Andrea’s amazing voice fits the catchy tones of the song perfectly, adding even a touch of jazz with the backing vocals. Michael Jameson spins an infectious funk sound distilled for the NYC back alley set, the perfect soundtrack to smokey streets, neon lights and early morning affairs – a perfect pick to break the mould of 2009, with so much finesse that it holds up in 2021 and beyond! There’s a timeless quality to this track, and there’s a good reason for that… with a foundation in the rhythms of American music, Jameson’s an artist that successfully travels that line of taking retro elements of American Popular music and bringing them into the contemporary landscape, and Marr is a singer who knows how to put real heart and passion into her performances, no holds barred! Her Australian style and passionate voice stand out perfectly against the brass and funky bass, adding colour and pizazz to the groovy tunes Jameson belts out. But don’t just believe us, check out what the Blues community have to say about her!

“The first thing you are going to notice when you listen to Andrea Marr is that hugely-soulful voice. She has a passion for the music of Motown, Stax, Etta, Aretha, Sharon Jones, and JB, and she’s got the chops to pull it off. Andrea and The Hitmen get it tight, right, and outta sight. Fans, since the untimely passing of Sharon Jones, someone has to step up and carry the soul torch forward. Why not Andrea Marr? She’s sho’ nuff a natural!” – Don and Sheryl’s Blues Blog, USA

These numbers are steadily climbing and we’re keeping an eye out to see how high this can go! Further and further, Summer Love rises like a sun on a warm day, shining over the rim of a cold glass, perfect for your chill relaxation or swinging dancing! Spicy, smooth and full of groove, Summer Love will grab you harder than you’ll ever realise… that is, until you’re on your 50th play. Like a fine wine, it’ll get you moving faster and longer than you thought possible. Sweeping guitars for your pumping fists, sweet synths for your swiveling hips and thumping beats for your feet, Michael Jameson plays for any crowd that’s there to do one thing: move. This music evokes the feel of a sunny afternoon in Greenwich Village, in the park, people of all shades of the rainbow mingling and glistening in the sweet summer sweat. Love and friendship is in the air and a good vibe is felt by all. Drawing from a wide spectrum of influence, Jameson has a definite knack for skipping genre tropes in order to best serve the song, resulting in an immensely eclectic catalogue for music fans period. Channeling chameleon greats such as Talking Heads, Lionel Richie and Prince, Michael Jameson and his band and Andrea Marr are bursting with great songs and good times to be had – and this is just one of them!

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