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Suzanna Lubrano needs your help for the AFRIMMA Awards!
26 May 2014

The Diva of Zouk Love, Suzanna Lubrano, has done it again! She has recently received a nomination certificate for the title ‘Best Female Central Africa’ from the African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA).

This will be an exciting night for the talented Suzanna, as the AFRIMMA Awards showcase Africa’s biggest acts and talents. Suzanna will also be up against other talented and respective nominees for the same title, including Arielle T, Gasha, Lady Ponce, Ceuzeny and Ary. In order for Suzanna to win the title, she’ll need to have the highest amount of public votes, which is collected online on the AFRIMMA nominee site in the following link: Suzanna couldn’t be more excited about the news, as she’s already asking fans to vote for her on both her Facebook and Twitter pages. So if you have a few minutes to spare, please click on the link above and click Suzanna Lubrano’s name to vote her in as the ‘Best Female Central Africa’. The more votes, the better!

Despite whether she wins or not, this nomination is an incredible privilege for Suzanna Lubrano, as it’ll put a spotlight on her incredible contribution to the global entertainment, as well as pay homage to her colleagues in the industry. The event will take place in Dallas, Texas on the 26th July, just in time for summer and its good vibrations. The DJ Central team couldn’t be more proud of Suzanna and wish her all the best for her award nomination.

For more information on Suzanna Lubrano, check out her Facebook page here.

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