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Suzanna Lubrano releases radio edit of "Don't Go Changing", is featured in the O Magazine, releases show dates and more!
13 Jun 2012

For all of you Suzanna Lubrano fans out there we are proud to present some more exciting news for our favourite rising artist.

Suzanna recently released the radio edit of “Don’t Go Changing” which was produced by Blue Pie’s Damien Reilly. The track has a great sound to it, and fan reviews on iTunes have even gone on to say that the song rivals that of Christina Aguilera’s work! So if you haven’t checked out the track make sure you do today. You can find the song in Suzanna’s iTunes store. 

Blue Pie are also really excited to announce that our offices have been working really hard to get Suzanna’s music out into the open and it looks like our hard work is finally starting to pay off. Not only have we received a lot of potential interest in her work for placement in movies and television shows throughout L.A, but Suzanna’s song “Tudo Pa Bo” is also set to be featured with the O Magazine! We’d like to congratulate the Blue Pie Licensing team and Suzanna’s hard work on that incredible effort.

Suzanna also has a number of shows coming up, so make sure you check out our official gigs section.

For all other news make sure to check out Suzanna’s official website and be sure to spread the word about her music!

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