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Suzanna Lubrano was featured in the most recent edition of Afro News!
07 May 2012

Suzanna Lubrano fans will be able to find a feature article written about the talented musician in the most recent Afro News, a publishing news outlet that focuses on the black community within the UK.

 The article, about her new single ‘Tardi di Mas’ sheds a light on the passionate conceptual meaning of the song. It also ensures to convey her wonderful character through its documentation of Lubrano’s inspiring words. Some of these inspiring words the interview delivers include “Stay original, stay yourself. Don’t try doing what someone else is already doing”.


The article really ensures to highlight some of the many reasons as to why are proud to be working alongside this incredibly talented artist.

So for all Lubrano’s fans, and for all of those looking for more of reason to become fans – make sure you check out the virtual copy of this interview below.


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