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Suzanna Lubrano's "Tardi di Mas" getting global radio and television love!
18 Jul 2012

Suzanna Lubrano’s latest single “Tardi di Mas” is currently a massive hit in all of the communities of Afro-Portuguese counties, including Cape Verde, Angola and Mozambique, along with the United States, Europe and Brazil.

The track has been on the playlists of many stations including; RDP, Cidade FM, Radio Commercial,  Radio Decibel, FunX, Radio Rijnmond, Hot97 Boston, RTC, Praia FM, along with various other stations including majors within Portugal, the Netherlands, the United States, France, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Angola, Guinee Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe.

Along with radio, the film clip for the track has been getting some TV attention. It has been played on stations globally including RTP 1, RTP 2, RTP International, RTP Africe and AfroMusic Channel in Portugal, TCV and Rede Record in Cabo Verde, TVM and STV in Mozambique, TPA and TV Zimbo in Angola, Channel O in South Africa, TV Rijnmond and DNAMC in the Netherlands and Trace Tropical in France.

The exclusive Suzanna Lubrano team will continue to approach radio and television stations to increase the rotation of “Tardi di Mas”

If you know of a station that is currently playing “Tardi di Mas” then be sure to let the Media & Marketing team know at

You can download the song on iTunes or visit Suzanna’s official website for more information on her career.

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