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Swanee reviving the golden days! The Arkaba Hotel performance!
21 Nov 2022

Swanee strikes again! He’s bringing back the glory days with a recent performance on the famous South Australian Arkaba hotel. The Arkaba Hotel is  Swanee has worked here alongside Dino Jag, and two weeks ago he brought the house down at the Ark!

Swanee decided to kick off November with this show, bringing along some  special guests to really make the night memorable.

Of course, considering who was performing, you wouldn’t really need to try very hard to make it memorable! A lot of hype was present from those who were around to witness the golden olden age, and Swanee didn’t miss a beat. It seems like it was only yesterday since we were witnessing the best era of rock on the planet! It’s thanks to throwback events like this that we can truly take the time to revel in our nostalgia, so we’re very glad Swanee and the gang had such a good time with the crowd. You may not be able to buy tickets for this event any more, but for more info on what went down, check out the ticket link by clicking here for a synopsis! Good on ya John Swan, you’ve still got it.

Swanee is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and available at all leading digital retailers on the planet. Search “Swanee” or “John Swan” for more information.


Swanee | Awards

  • South Australian Amateur Boxing Champion 1970
  • South Australian Music Hall Of Fame Inductee 2014
  • South Australia’s Senior Australian Of The Year Award 2015
  • Order Of Australia Medal (OAM) 2017

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