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Sydonia Fans are Rising in Numbers
21 Feb 2013

Metal enthusiasts from Melbourne, Sydonia are rising to fame! The alternative band indebt their recent bout of success to frequent touring and advertisement through social media website, Facebook.

Since completing a tour of both NSW and Victoria, the band have been praised as “one of the most diverse bands heard”. “This is a group that wears its influences on its sleeve while still managing to sound like an entirely new monster. That is what making music is all about.”

Sydonia have outstretched in numbers rapidly through their social media triumph, as much as 2-3 thousand fans since the New Year began! Blue Pie would like to thank Facebook and their fans, as without you, Sydonia would not have expected such recognition. The four piece metal machines have reached almost 5000 likes on Facebook.

Learn more about Sydonia through their official Facebook page!

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