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Sydonia Receives Yet More Praise For Their Latest EP !
10 Jan 2013

Melbourne alternative rockers Sydonia have received more rave reviews following their latest tour of the Australian south east coast to promote their EP, ‘Waiting For Words’, particularly from online rock blog, Indie Showcase.

The band has been making big waves in the Australian indie music scene recently, with the EP opening new opportunities and gaining worldwide attention since its release.

Waiting for Words begins much like a story, with TL described by the Indie Showcase blogger Shashona Mcall as, “a powerful song. The lyrics are written with honesty and emotion. Dana nails the vocals with his spectacular voice, driving TL deep into out memory banks! The backing vocals frame Dana’s vocals remarkably well. Brilliantly done. The instrumentation is tight! This band obviously knows one another’s musical style intimately and feed off one another…” 

We are very proud of the bands continued success. Check out the official TL video clip below.

For all the latest news on Sydonia you can check out their website at Sydonia are distributed exclusively for the world by Blue Pie Records.

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