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Tamara Bubble joins the Blue Pie Label!
27 May 2013

Blue Pie welcomes a new and feisty addition, Tamara Bubble, to the label!

Don’t let the name fool you. The talented Ms Bubble creates music that defies ‘genre’ with her sassy musical combination of Pop, R&B, Soul, Hip Hop and Jazz, which has already earner her a whole range of fans.

Brought up in Brooklyn, the gifted singer grew up singing background and harmony for her local church choir; however, it wasn’t long before Tamara took charge of the microphone. She has already given live performances in several music venues, which include the Apollo Theatre and the Williamsburg music festival.

Inspired by legends, Tamara mainly writes two of the most essential and personal things in life—love and communication. She is one who is passionate about her lyrics, as she is known to “say what needs to be said, telling more than both sides of the story. She spares no feelings and literally steps on toes as some of the lyrics in her songs suggest that the people involved may ‘get hurt’”.

Tamara Bubble has already released an EP this month called “P.ublic S.ervice A.nnouncement” which offers a deep yet touching message that many listeners, both young and old, can listen and relate to.

Welcome to the Blue Pie family Tamara! We can’t wait to hear some more fiery and soulful tracks from you!

To find out more about our new artist and hear some of her awesome track, head to her official website at:

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