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Terry Oldfield, Olga Wilhelmine and Real Fire Band join Blue Pie!
06 Aug 2012

We are very excited to welcome some fresh meat to the Blue Pie family! Please give a warm welcome to our most recent artists Terry Oldfield, Olga Wilhelmine and Real Fire Band!

Each of these talented musicians bring their own unique and diverse styles to the table, capturing the true essence of what music is about.

Well-seasoned world composer and musician, Terry Oldfield, takes flute playing to a league of his own. Already selling over 3 million records during his career, we are certain his success will only skyrocket, and look forward to working with him as he continues his musical journey.

Terry’s most recent album ‘Healing Sound Journey’ contains eleven instrumental tracks of pure beauty, sending the listener into a state of peacefulness. Terry collaborates with his wife Soraya Saraswan, who will join him on his upcoming tour.

Be sure to check out his music on iTunes and Official Website.

New Orleans singer-songwriter, Olga Wilhelmine fills her songs to the brim with honesty and authenticity, delivering relatable life journeys of love, relationships and pain through a mastered genre concoction of pop, blues and alternative.

Olga’s most recent album ‘Whatever You Want,’ is compiled of twelve compelling tracks, now available to purchase on iTunes.

And last but not least, Real Fire Band released their EP ‘Real Fire’ last year, with eight feel good rock tracks, including “Mock Rock City,” “Hunter and the Cheese” and “Take.”

Their powerful guitar riffs and strong, fiery vocals, give their music an interesting edge that is thoroughly enjoyable for the listener. You can now purchase their music on iTunes!

Once again, we are very happy to work with these new sensational artists and look forward to watching their passion turn into success!

Make sure to check them out on iTunes and show your support!

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