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The Argues: A Heartwarming Journey On and Off the Ice
07 Dec 2023

In the realm of Australian cinema, a hidden gem emerged in 2010 that not only tickled audiences’ funny bones but also tugged at their heartstrings. “The Argues: The Movie,” a comedy/mockumentary directed by Mark Hembrow, takes viewers on a delightful and sentimental journey through the eyes of David Argue, Patricia Argue, Steven Tandy, and Stuart Thompson.

The film revolves around the real-life story of David Argue’s mother, a woman whose life was intertwined with the glittering world of ice skating in America and Europe. Married to her now-deceased husband, she enchanted audiences with her grace and skill in numerous famed shows. As a tribute and a journey of nostalgia, David Argue, along with his co-stars, embarks on a sentimental expedition, revisiting the iconic places where his mother once graced the ice.

Directed and co-written by Mark Hembrow, the film blends scripted scenes with improvisation by the talented trio of David Argue, Patricia Argue, and Stuart Thompson. This unique approach adds an authentic touch to the storytelling, capturing the spontaneity of real-life experiences.

“The Argues: The Movie” serves as a visual feast, transporting viewers across the globe. From the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to the bustling streets of New York, the enchanting landscapes of Florence and Venice, the futuristic skyline of Dubai, and the culturally rich cityscape of Melbourne, the film is a cinematic passport to some of the world’s most iconic locations.

At its core, the film is a sentimental journey, not just for the characters but for the audience as well. As the Argues reminisce about the past, viewers are taken on an emotional rollercoaster, experiencing the highs and lows of life, love, and the pursuit of dreams. The poignant tale of a woman’s romance with the ice is beautifully interwoven with David Argue’s quest for a Hollywood agent, adding a touch of humor to the heartfelt narrative.

“The Argues: The Movie” is not only a heartwarming story but also a testament to the collaborative efforts of its talented cast and crew. The chemistry between David Argue, Patricia Argue, Steven Tandy, and Stuart Thompson is palpable on screen, creating moments that are both hilarious and touching.

What makes “The Argues: The Movie” even more special is the behind-the-scenes magic that brought the film to life. Directed by Mark Hembrow, the film was not only a scripted endeavor but also embraced the art of improvisation. David Argue, Patricia Argue, and Stuart Thompson added their personal touch to the narrative, infusing the film with genuine moments of laughter and emotion.

The film’s extensive use of real locations adds a layer of authenticity to the storytelling. From the glitz of Hollywood to the historical charm of Florence, viewers are treated to a cinematic journey that transcends borders and cultures. The global backdrop becomes not just a setting but a character in itself, enriching the narrative with diverse and visually stunning landscapes.

Fast-forwarding to 2023, “The Argues: The Movie” has experienced a remarkable resurgence in popularity. The film’s official channel has garnered an impressive 200,000 views, showcasing a substantial increase in its online visibility. This milestone is a testament to the film’s enduring appeal and its ability to captivate audiences across the globe through the power of online platforms.

The success on YouTube goes beyond mere views. The film’s captivating moments, condensed into bite-sized shorts, have become viral sensations, resonating with audiences worldwide. These YouTube shorts serve as dynamic and easily shareable introductions to the film, drawing in viewers and generating organic interest. The widespread sharing of these shorts across various social media platforms has further fueled the film’s resurgence in the cultural conversation.

The collaboration between Blue Pie and Planet Blue Pictures has not been limited to online platforms; it has extended to a comprehensive marketing strategy. Through innovative campaigns, “The Argues: The Movie” has gained visibility in traditional media, streaming services, and various cultural events. This multifaceted approach to audience engagement has ensured that the film remains a relevant and beloved piece of Australian cinema.

A decade after its release, “The Argues: The Movie” continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. The film’s success on all platforms, coupled with a comprehensive marketing strategy, demonstrates its enduring appeal and ability to connect with viewers of all ages. As we revisit the places where dreams were once lived, laughed, and skated upon, “The Argues: The Movie” stands as a testament to the timeless power of storytelling in the digital age.


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