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The Argues has been REVIEWED!
16 Mar 2011

Fifty Plus Lifestyle Magazine has had a lot to say about The Argues Movie. Their most recent edition of the magazine has a great article about the movie and a great review of our favorite quirky adventure with David, Patricia and Leon Skank.

Darren Gray of Fifty Plus Lifestyle Magazine had the pleasure of reviewing The Argues. Check out what Darren had to say:

Keep your eyes peeled for a terrific new movie The Argues ( Actor David Argue, who has appeared in BMX Bandits and Razorback dreamed of taking his mother Pat on a trip around the world, retracing the journey she made with his late father in the 1950’s when they skated together in the show Holiday On Ice. The problem was, that as an out of work actor, funds were a little limited. So David came up with the idea of making a movie. The trip, and this mockumentary is the result.  We follow David, his mother, and a dangerously funny puppet duck as they hit Hollywood and attempt to get David signed up by Ed Tomato, who is one of the world’s leading theatrical agent.  Unfortunately, Ed isn’t in need of another desperate actor, and the motley crew who pursue him around the world in an effort to attract his attention. Steven Tandy who played Tom Sullivan in The Sullivan’s stars as Ed and Mark Hembrow who played rock star George Saint in The Young Doctors has gone behind the camera to direct what is, without a doubt, a film which is pure box office gold. – Darren Gray (Fifty Plus Lifestyle Magazine)

Please see the attached PDF file with the full article and review.

For more information on the magazine and details on where you can pick up a copy, check out their website

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