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The Argues in Cinemas August 2011
17 Jun 2011

THE ARGUES: THE MOVIE is set to be released in cinemas later this year in August. The film will be featured in a couple of different HOYTS locations around Australia that are yet to be announced.

THE ARGUES is a story of remembrance, rehabilitation and outrageous situations that offer a bizarre insight into the world of showbiz and the struggles of an out of work actor.

THE ARGUES stars David Argue and Patricia Argues. David is a highly respected Australian actor who has appeared beside both Mel Gibson and Nicole Kidman. He has also been in many classic Aussie films like Razorback, Going Down and Blood Oath just to name a few.

The film will be showing at Hoyts cinemas from the 15th of August 2011. For more news on the film, visit The Argues website:

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