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The Argues loves to get down to some Blue Pie music
23 Dec 2010


The Argues loves to get down to some Blue Pie music. We would like to send a massive note of thanks to Mark and Leyla Hembrow, Caine Mitchell and Mr David Hannay. They all love Blue Pie’s so much that the Blue Pie license team were thrilled at the announcement that over 18 of our artists made the cut in the sound track for the new “Argues Movie”.

This was a great win for the team and the love and affection that was shown was fantastic. Special credits go to Sam Pollard for landing the closing song in the film with other notes of thanks being extended to Erik Simins, Sahra, Craig Fraser, Dave Evans, Daniel Waho, Dave Sharp, Bleek, Southpaw, The Yeehaa Boys and Total Karnage.

For all the news on the film you can visit the film website at If you would like to land music placements like this then email and our team will be happy to talk to you about license sales of your labels catalogue. 

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