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The Argues The Movie is now available on Amazon Prime for the UK and USA !
30 Jul 2018

The Argues: The Movie is a 2010 Australian comedy/mockumentary produced by Egmond Productions and distributed by Planet Blue Pictures US. It was directed by Mark Hembrow and starring Patricia Argue, Steven Tandy, Stuart Thompson, and David Argue, best known for his role as Snowy in Gallipoli. The film was written by David Argue and Hembrow with improvisation by David Argue, Patricia Argue and Thompson.

The Argues: The Movie is a story of how a son, a mother, and a duck named Leon Skank assault the Hollywood star system in an attempt to secure one of the biggest international actors’ agents in the world, Ed Tomato at ICU Management Los Angeles. However, things don’t go so well and it results in a chase around the world leading them to Hollywood, New York, Florence, Venice, Dubai and Melbourne.

This movie is a story which leads the actors into outrageous situations that offer a bizarre insight into the world of showbiz and the struggles of an out of work actor.

The movie is also based on the true life of Argue’s mother as she loves America and Europe, where she ice skated in many famed shows.

With a great sound track that was put together by the Blue Pie Sync Team, you can dance and groove to the cool music while watching one of the most quirkey movies produced in the last 10 years !!!

The film is now available on ITunes and Amazon, to watch it or for more information you can use the following links:

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