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The Benjamin Hyatt Band need your help!
21 Jul 2014

Let Atlas Radio know where your loyalties lie when it comes to music!
Post on their wall to request the band, so they can get some fresh air play!

Click on this link and let your fingers do the talking!

Sitting at a hot #4 on the Reverbnation Charts, The Ben Hyatt Band are getting their musical careers rolling. Billed as Tennessee’s answer to Maroon 5, Benjamin Hyatt and his remarkable band have extraordinary talent and have been influenced by Matchbox 20, GooGoo Dolls, Hootie and the Blowfish and Boys II Men. The band have a steady hand at making it in the music scene, so every little bit of help from their fans goes a long way!

The fast rising stars produce pop rock and contemporary music that is energetic and full of passion. “Ben is a very talented singer/songwriter and is very easy to work with and a plus is he lets me run with ideas music wise” states Craig Lawrence, the man who produced their debut album. “It’s like clockwork with Ben, he is a very talented singer and lyricist. We have a great connection indeed.”

“It’s interesting to see the evolution of a song…Some of my songs I had written long before getting into the studio and others I only had a verse or a chorus written before starting to record them. I always have the basic tune written before working in the studio but sometimes the rhythm or tempo will change and it just gives it that extra bit that it needed.” – Benjamin Hyatt


For more, head over to their website

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