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The Buckley’s – a band of family fun
03 May 2013

Sibling’s Sarah, Lachlan & Molly we’re brought up influenced by country music greats such as Kasey Chambers, Felicity Urqhart & Patsy Cline. It didn’t take long for them to realize that they too could entertain the way these artists have done, and still do so today.

Sarah Grace began playing piano at the age of 6, guitar at the age of 10 and has been singing since she was able to talk. Now at he age of 13, she has already won various different awards and performed with many well known Artists such as, James T (Canned Heat), Clelia Adams, Bill Chambers and of course her and her dad Mick Buckley (The Radiators). Excelling in her Music Career as a Young Country Music Artist, her Brother Lachlan and Sister Molly decided to join her, as a trio.

Lachlan at age 12, holds the beat on bass Guitar. Creating a mixture of his love for Country, Blues, Rock and Rockabilly, he plays solidly through every song. Molly at age 10, gives the group a unique sound through the Mandolin. She has been singing along with Sarah Grace for as long as she can remember, always creating natural harmonies.

Their Dad, Mick Buckley, performs with them on stage on piano or drums. He has played piano and drums in bands such as ‘The Radiators’, ‘The Yeehaa Boys’, ‘Rupert B’, ‘The Harlem Shuffle’, and many more. He has had top hits on various different charts. He plays a Honky-tonk/boogie Woogie style piano in piano bars all along the Northern Rivers.


Recently the band launched their new song ” Kickin up the dust”. You can check out the video below.

The Buckleys continue Songwriting, performing, touring and more. recently performing at Tamworth Country Music Festival, Urban Country Music Festival, The Mullumbimby Music Festival and The Wintersun Festival. They plan to be visting the USA soon and they have just finished there Self-titled Debut Album.

They hope to see you all in their crowd soon, so make sure that you visit their website to check for gig updates and shows. You can download Mick’s bio at the link below.

For all the latest news on Mick Buckely and the band check out the bands site at:

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