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The Cadillac Bill Show is Here and Guaranteed to be Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before !!!
20 Oct 2018

Welcome to Hamilton, Ontario, the stomping grounds of Cadillac Bill, a Texan species of weed that rolled in on a thunderstorm previously and has since been interviewing and documenting the dark corners and dank oddities of the apparently human residents of the ‘town’. The Cadillac Bill Show is a tour of the real Hamilton, normalcy and social expectations stripped away, the citizens of Hamilton are weird, wild, and wonderful, and Bill does his best to share that with you, through the waves of vapour he sells on the street corner that were captured and fed to the beast that tells your vision, that television.

The Cadillac Bill show is said to be entertaining, unusual, and informative. Actual subject matter is of moderate importance. It’s the content Bill doesn’t have that’s important here, because Bill brings us what we don’t have enough of. There are no sports. Please stop asking. There is no news either, television is already infested with both, The Cadillac Bill show is a safe haven away from sports and news. Bill brings us everything else, all the time.

The Cadillac Bill Show – “Ronnie Hawkins & Gordon Lightfoot” (Season 4, Episode 8)

From Planet Blue Pictures USA on Vimeo.

There are however, dead people, music, the paranormal, UFO’s, roller derby’s, cars, and dungeons. There is also a stuffed goose. Bill lives and breathes Hamilton, while the focus is mainly on the underbelly the show touches on and documents all aspects of life in Hamilton. If you were forced at gunpoint to try and fit this into a genre, or perhaps to write an article about it, you probably might call it a variety show.

Watch the best of the last 4 seasons here on YouTube:

The show is basically Bill meeting people around Hamilton at different events or visiting their homes, and talking to them about their weirdness, or otherwise Bill just brings his own brand of weird to the people of Hamilton and goes from there. It’s a bizarre and relaxed show, its not something you necessarily laugh at, but it is funny.

All four seasons are available on Amazon Prime Video right now! As well as a few other episodes and clips on Bill’s Youtube, you can watch the entire series on demand whenever you like, either search for it on the Amazon Prime app or check the links below to watch. The website for the show is also linked, along with the Facebook where you can get updates and interact with the people running the show.

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