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The Cadillac Bill Show Seaosn 4 is now in production for 2017 !!!
22 Dec 2016

Production is underway for another 15 episodes of the weird variety show from Hamilton, ON. This off-beat comedy series has been aired on Cable 14, SPB TV, Vimeo, YMYTV Jamaica, XBOX Life, Sony Play Station and many other networks throughout the galaxy.

Cadillac Bill has been in production now for over 3 years and amassed a following of avid fans from Jamaica to the USA to Venezuala to the moon and the Mars. The show’s creator Bill Boyd-Wilson was nominated “Media Person of the Year” by Hamilton Music Awards for 2016 and Cadillac Bill was voted Hamilton’s favourite TV personality (for two years in a row).
Extensive media coverage and daily airing of the show on Cable 14 has now elevated THE CADILLAC BILL SHOW to be a cult TV classic with a following more than 15,000 fans on social media and now fans are tuning in world wide with the odd Aliens wondering why Planet Earth has kept this secret from the rest of the intergalactic media networks.

Hosted by a glittery jacket clad Cadillac Bill and surrounded by a collection of eccentric characters including “The Creeping Bent Orchestra and C.B.S. reporters”. It’s like nothing ever before seen on TV; it’s different, entertaining and funny. “Journeying to the deep, dark recesses of Hamilton and showcasing the city’s underground, subculture”.

Spoofed up public affair commentaries, talking to ghosts, UFO, dragon and alien discussions, woman’s roller derby, petting zoos, reptile shops, Civil War reenactments, classic car shows, a space alien called “ALLAN”, a C.B.S. drone, comedy commercials, paranormal investigations and magic shows. Burlesque dancers, wildlife investigations (with the C.B.S. Safari Expedition Team) and “searching For dead bodies” by PAUL THE DOWSER. Musical Guests have included TEENAGE HEAD, LORI YATES, ANVIL, TOM WILSON, GINGER ST. JAMES and ROBERT GORDON.

With 43 episodes completed, BOYD-WILSON FILMS and PLANET BLUE PICTURES is about to present 15 new episodes “for your viewing pleasure!”

If the first 3 years weren’t strange enough, wait till you see this years collection:

  • Creeping Bent orchestra guitarist Frank Vomit is now a woman called FRANCE VOMIT
  • Mike Holler has been replaced by DOUG HELL and PAUL THE DOWSER has found thousands of more dead bodies and opening portals to bring in 5th dimensional entities.
  • We also now have a reporter in England, bringing you “History of England” reports.
  • “Hamilton Tidbits” with Janet.
  • “Wienerfest” (featuring hundreds of Dachshunds)
  • War of 1812 reenactment, wrestling and seven episodes of a spoof of Downton Abbey using stuffed, taxidermied rats.


The Cadillac Bill Show can also be seen on XBOX Live, Sony TV, Samsung TV, XBOX LIVE, AMAZON – Video On Demand, Pivotshare, iTunes, Roku and SPBTV a network in Russia with over 40 million viewers which now includes a Cadillac Bill Show channel.


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