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The Cadillac Bill Show Seasons 1,2 and 3 are now available to be beamed into your loungeroom via AMAZON Prime !!!
27 Aug 2018

The Cadillac Bill Show Seasons 1,2 and 3 are now available for your entertainment pleasure on AMAZON Prime. Never before in the history of time travel, intergalactic ALIEN visitations and for that matter the entire history of the human race on this planet, has such a visual and mind numbing experience been made available for the world.

We LOVE you Cadillac Bill for making this happen !
People from all walks of life, especially all the regulars at your local weed dispensary, have been astounded at how much joy and pleasure this show brings them. Mothers all over Canada no longer need baby sitters, they just sit their baby in front of the screen and press play on Season 1,2 and 3, and you get over 42 beautiful 40 minute episodes beamed directly into your lounge room and right in your new babies brain. AMAZING we say !

Scientists all over the world have hailed the experience of watching 10 hours of The Cadillac Bill in one visual marathong sitting as the same as watching the 1st season of Star Trek but only in reverse. Thats right imagine watching everything backwards.

Since 2014, the Cadillac Bill show has proved itself to be a major source of brain food for not only those with an IQ of 82 or less but the super genius humans of tomorrow that desire to improve everything about their minds and lives so that can alevate themselves to an IQ of 92 or less.

If Oprah was a fan she would come back to Talk Show TV and not only copy the show format but she would probably ask fo a labotomy so she would not miss anything. This is ground breaking stuff people !!!

The show is based in Hamilton, Canada, and is a reality, variety show that is entertaining, unusual and informative and most of all suitable not only for humans but your pets and most of all vegetables. Plant your new vegie garden around your TV sets people. This was how the phrase ” I want to veg in front of my TV tonight “. Look no further just logon to your AMAZON Prime account and hit play on all 3 Seaons and watch the effect this will have on your brain. Very soon you will be veged out and totally on the intergalacic ALIEN | Human | Hamilton brain lifting experience of becoming a life long fan of Mr Cadillac Bill and his intergallactic mind boggling TV show.

Starring the incredible Bill Boyd-Wilson, Dan Kolthof and Mike Holler, The Cadillac Bill Show delves deep into the odd and sublime underbelly of Hamilton.

You can now enjoy the show anywhere, on your way to work or at home with friends and family. All three seasons are waiting for you!

So come on a mind numbing journey with us and check all the episodes on both the US and UK Amazon Prime sites. Just click on one of the links and CHANGE your life and DOWNGRADE or UPGRADE your braing. The show has an auto sensor in the footage and it does this automatically for you.


Click away, you only have your minds to lose.

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