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The City Music Project are now signed to Blue Pie!
21 Oct 2011

The City Music Project is the newest addition to the Blue Pie family and we could not be happier. This unique collective are truly remarkable and we are so excited to have them on the label.

The City Music Project (TCMP) is a musical hybrid balancing electronic and traditional musical components, based out of Philadelphia, PA. Their style of ‘alternative dance’ fuses together elements of reggae, trance, house, dub, electro-rock, hip-hop, Latin, dubstep, drum & bass, dancehall and world music. At its core are singer/songwriter Frank Cervantes and producer/DJ goldenSpiral (Adrian Palashevsky). Their live performance integrates vocals, live instruments and studio/performance-based production hardware and software, incorporating elements of video art, LED dancing, and lighting, along with cameo appearances from a number of different guest musicians involved. They perform with a degree of control over their music that is both structured and open-ended, with a sound that is unmistakably original, yet inviting and recognizable.

The City Music Project released their self-titled debut EP in the spring of 2010, and have just put out their first full-length album “Visual-Audio” in April 2011. True versatility and creative freedom underline these works from start to finish.

Frank Cervantes, a singer/songwriter and guitar player was the front-man and creative force behind the indie/rock band, The Once Was. His years of experience performing with The Once Was, and as a solo singer/songwriter, have brought him considerable critical acclaim, along with a level of confidence, skill, and energy essential to his role in making The City Music Project’s live show so explosive.

To find out more about The City Music Project go HERE!

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