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The Doctor Is In- MC Breed making waves with "The Fharmacist"!
12 Mar 2019

MC Breed is throwing down on Spotify and hundreds of thousands of people are tuning in to listen!

Listen to this hard hitting flow. MC Breed ain’t afraid to pull punches and it’s clear that this is true here too. The album dropped just two years ago and it’s already grabbing massive clout on Spotify! Check out those numbers!

MC Breed’s been making huge waves with his number one track, “Gotta Get Mine”. It’s already up to over 4 million plays!

We’re sure with this level of quality, all the tracks on “The Fharmacist” will follow suit eventually. The number one track currently on the 14 track album is “Lets Go To The Club” with over 100 thousand plays! Only time will tell, but with how fresh MC Breed’s flow is, and how competent Christopher Light Records is, we’re pretty confident that it won’t be long!

Check out MC Breed’s Spotify by clicking here!

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