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The Hardware Store gets the MySpace love to flow
02 Jun 2010

The Hardware Store gets the My Space love to flow from all over the globe. With a new image and the design work of ” Magic Maya ” at the design controls band is now road testing its hot new image. The band formed in Summer 2007 in Messina, Sicily, a small, provincial city on the border of a racked and ruined kingdom. Growing up, the four band members isolated themselves from the world so that they could concentrate on their feelings and turn the hatred, anger, wishes, longings and restlessness into music. The line-up is untouchable, music is created from the minds of these four intense individuals in order to bring out the joy and pain of the world and turn it into their own unique sound. Ready to take to the world, The Hardware Store’s debut album “Out of Service” is out now for the world on Blue Pie. This album was composed in 2008/2009 and represents the true soul of the band members. When you immerse yourself in the music, you will find yourself between love and hate, sensuality and violence, carelessness and blues, you will fall in love with the sounds from The Hardware Store. You will be hungry for more. You will ask yourselves what the hell were you listening to before you discovered this band. Check out the bands My Space for all the latest news at

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