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The Immortal Camel Rides……Fringo release their following EP to Ones Nature!!!
28 Oct 2014

Sydney 23rd of October 2014, Fringo release their new EP called “The Immortal Camel”.

The EP is the band’s first official release since “One’s Nature in 2007”. The Immortal Camel EP features 3 hard hitting classic Fringo tracks, Scraps, Just Like You & Keeping Fit. These tracks pack and punch get you jumping higher than Joe Cocker loaded on Greek Mountain Tea.

As the band says:

”If you can’t handle this then we suggest everyone goes back to breast feeding for a while. If you’re concerned that these 3 tracks are all you are going to hear from Fringo for a while, don’t be. The band is hard at work on the next installment of “The Immortal Camel” as a full album. This EP represents the first half of a double EP, with its sequel to be unleashed early 2015… That’s a promise!!!

So, for all of you who have continued to read this press release the band extends their gratitude and thanks. Fringo would like to thank all those who have been loyal to the band over the years and to all those who are discovering the band now, a huge welcome to the club.

For more information on Fringo you can visit the bands official website at:

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