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The Johnny Bennett 12 Bar Club Live’ Limited Edition Vinyl Release out now !!!
02 Mar 2015

We are very proud to announce that the limited vinyl edition of my album ‘Johnny Bennett / 12 Bar Club Live’ is now available for sale. There are 75 signed and numbered albums available and they will ship by June 1st, 2015.


As Johnny says:

During my six month stay in London in 2012/2013 I had a Tuesday night residency at The 12 Bar Club. Every Tuesday night for four months I took the stage at midnight for a two hour set. This was a fantastic run of shows for me. These were intimate solo acoustic sets that allowed me to deliver an ever changing line-up of material each week. My long-time collaborator, Edward Koehler, pushed hard to produce, record, mix, and master one of my last nights of the run and this album is the result of that Tuesday night. The album includes 12 selections from that live performance with no edits or studio trickery in post-production. I am very pleased with the result and how the album resonates so warmly on vinyl. I don’t generally listen to my own work but it was a pleasure this time around to listen and approve the test prints for manufacturing and send it off to press.

I hope you will order this very special limited edition release and secure one of the 75 signed and numbered units available. This is a timely release as The 12 Bar Club is slated for demolition in the next month to make way for a new tube station in central London. It’s a major loss for the music community there as the 12 Bar Club has an incredible legacy of ‘first London gigs’ for a long list of top talent world-wide. I feel very lucky to have been one of them.”

Purchase your pre-order album here!


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