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The Judes' Ode to St. Patrick
24 Mar 2011

The Judes share their musical hearts with the Irish, as St. Patrick’s Day recently flew by. To celebrate, they released a new single ‘St. Patrick’s Army’ on the same day where clovers and the colour green decorated the world.

This killer track has had a great spin on ABC Newcastle radio, who absolutely love the lads from The Judes. Ever since the track was dropped in to their office, it has been put on regular rotation!

Sara Smithson, The Judes Manager has been flat out with all the calls that have been flowing in. People can’t get enough of their delicious indie-rock flavours and fun 60s-inspired tunes.

The new single will be available through all leading digital retailers over the course of the next 2 months. You can listen to the track here at the band’s YOU LICENSE site.

For all the latest news on the band you can visit their site at

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