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09 Jul 2009

Love the Beatles? Well you’ll love “The Judes”. Cory, Jim and Mike born and bred in Winipegg Canada have created a sound that comes along, grabs you by the ears and just makes you listen. This is a band that will change your perception. A band that quite possibly, changes music.

Blue Pie is very proud to have secured world wide distribution rights to “The Judes” a band which gives fans something from the heart and soul and lights the spark of emotion that makes you feel music. In an age where music is regurgitated at 200mph, its refreshing, unique and has its own flair.

The Judes are planning a second exodus to Australia’s shores later this year. With a firm fan base and a taste of life down under, it promises to be a road trip like you see in the movies.

Keep an eye out for street press, your local live music website and the festival listings no doubt their name will be there. Don’t take my word for it, download a copy of “The Judes EP – Sunflower” from digital retailers everywhere.

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