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The Judithilen Suga Boom Boom dance is BACK, and the Key Crashers are on fire!
17 Aug 2022

Back in the 2020 pandemic, making Tik Tok challenges became more popular than ever. People were locked in, going stircrazy, and missing their loved ones back in the outside world. That counted for all of us at Blue Pie and DJ Central too… but thankfully, something good also came out of those circumstances, as well. We met plenty of crazy people online who wanted to get their awesome vision out onto the internet, and that includes Judithilen. A Tik Tok and Instagram dancer, Judithilen even came up with a dance that anyone could replicate in order to support Suga Boom Boom, specifically the Key Crashers remix that also came out during the pandemic!

Now that we’re seemingly coming out of the dark fully (fingers crossed) and with plenty of other world crises looming over it, we figured it was time to bring back this dance! And the quickest way to do that is to show off the old video that Judithilen gave to us. It contains the instructions to Judithilen’s SUGA BOOM BOOM DANCE! Anyone can follow along in their own videos too, and rest assured that we’ll be keeping an eye out for them so we can feature them on our sites and social media!


@judithilen Dance steps for sugaBOomBOom ##SugaBoomBoomKC##TikTikTikBoomBoom ##fyp ##foryoupage ##dance ##music ##cosplay.@keycrashers @bluepierecords♬ Suga Boom Boom – Remix – Key Crashers & DL Down3r


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Did the video go by a bit fast? Not sure how to do the dance? Does it look complicated? We got you there, no worries! You can make the Macarena look extremely intricate, but as we all know, it’s built off several fundamental and simple steps! Here are the written and illustrated steps to the Suga Boom Boom dance, plus a slowed down gif so you can see it properly in motion! Our art guru Sara Cornish created these back in 2020 to make it easier to absorb, so hopefully you’ll find them helpful when making your own videos. Feel free to innovate on these moves and flow how you want to on the dance floor! Feel free to embellish on them – Judith did way more than these simple steps, but that’s the fun of dance, how it can flow from simple movements into all kinds of crazy stuff! Let your imagination go wild!


Suga Boom Boom Dance ANIMATED

Once you’ve got a good grasp of it, be sure to SEND US YOUR VIDS OF YOUR SUGA BOOM BOOM DANCE! Contact us for more info! We wanna see you imitating this dance as best as you can – doesn’t have to be super complicated or intense, just go for it and have fun, that enthusiasm is what we’re really looking for! If we like it enough, who knows… you might get featured on our Tik Tok or other social media, like we did with this talented individual’s sick shuffle!

@bluepierecords##sugaboomboom That footwork is impressive! Most people would end up stumbling over themselves tryina dance like that…reckon you can give it a shot?♬ original sound – bluepierecords

Not everyone has the dexterity for footwork that fancy, but that part doesn’t matter so much. We just want to see people expressing love for Suga Boom Boom the world over, in the same way Judithilen has. Doesn’t matter if your feet can’t keep up! Just dance the day away first of all, and we’ll love you for just that!

We’re very excited to see just how far this can take the Key Crashers’ take on Suga Boom Boom. The song is already almost at a million plays on Spotify at the time of writing, and it’s JUST shy of breaking through! It’s tantalisingly close to a big milestone, and we have a funny feeling that it’ll crash through to the big mil REAL quick if people start dancing the Judithilen TikTikTikBoomBoom dance again… so let’s show DL Down3r and the Key Crashers just how much we love their fresh EDM collaboration, even two years later!

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