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The latest burst of manic energy from Adam Mannering AKA SOULARFLAIR has arrived, eclectic and experimental album Saviourself!
04 Mar 2017

Adam Mannering is the one man encounter of the third kind responsible for undefinable – yet undeniably progressive – musical odyssey known as SOULARFLAIR. Though there are no limitations imposed on his musical style it doesn’t stop us from trying to describe it; Glitch-Hop, Epic Ambient, Progressive Metal and Experimental Electronica all warrant a mention. You’ll find influences from disparate genre frontiers such as Meshuggah and Aphex Twin. The focused and calculated nature of SOULARFLAIR’s compositions oscillate rapidly between intellectual, bewildering, intense, and calming.

His latest album, Saviourself, has just been released on Bandcamp. There’s a mix of his styles; while his first album Dark Matter was predominantly ‘Cerebral Electronica’, here you’ll find heavy metal influences among the twinkling trance and reverberating synth, and even some ethnoambient techno. As Mannering intends, there’s something truly stimulating about the complex, hypnotic beats and nested time signatures. Mannering has DJ’d internationally around under the pseudonym of Attaraxx and no doubt the clubs he festooned with his musico-cerebral peregrination enjoyed an unforgettable and unique atmosphere. Adam also creates professional music and lyric videos using public domain and provided footage as part of SOULARFLAIR VIDEO PRODUCTIONS, and composed the music for aussie short film Silicon Spies.

SOULARFLAIR’s 5th album is in the works, the tellingly titled Non-Linear Dynamics, and until then you need to get acquainted to the cognitive exodus so far. SOULARFLAIR’s remix of the theme song to hit HBO series Westworld has gotten a few heads turning, and Mannering’s neologistic style is perfect for a T.V. show exploring themes of personhood, mind and futurism. You can explore SOULARFLAIR’s tracks on the Blue Pie Music YouTube channel, including some selections from Saviourself.

Take your mind to another place, the mysterious and transfixing realm of SOULARFLAIR! Support this inventive and talented artist!

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