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05 Sep 2011

Home Sweet Home
After almost five exciting months in the USA, Roland and Lizanne have left their ‘home away from home’ on Orcas Island in the Pacific Northwest, and are now back in the Netherlands. They had an awesome time promoting the album in the States, and now that they’re in Europe, their mission remains unchanged – they’ll be continuing their commitment to their fans by sharing and making new music!

Getting Heard
This is Lizard has been working hard the past few months on getting the album Won’t Give Up heard on radio and podcasts around the world. “Here’s a shout-out to all the stations, podcasters, blogs and reviewers who have taken the time to listen to our music and share it with their listeners/readers. Thank you!” – This is Lizard.

 Exclusively for Fans!
As an extra thank you for supporting This Is Lizard, they’ve got a special offer at the moment for you on NoiseTrade! You can download three tracks for free!, and if you like them, you can leave a tip, or go ahead and download the entire album (if you haven’t already!) And don’t forget to share our music with all your friends!

 Keep Up-To-Date
If you want to see more of what This Is Lizard have been up to the past few months, check out the live photos from the US tour on the Facebook page – and ‘like’ it! And, while you’re there, drop them a line! They’d love to hear from you! You can also follow the ‘This is lizzard blog’ where they post updates, news, photos and regularly!

Future Plans
The next big project for This Is Lizard is a new EP, due for release around Christmas 2011. Together with super-talented local Orcas Island musician Gene Nery, they’re putting together a selection of original tracks in an acoustic jacket. We’ll keep you updated on the album in the coming months, and when it comes out, you’ll be the first to know.

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