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The Manhattan Syndrome have released “Keepsake” on Spotify!
21 Jul 2014

Head over to Spotify now to stream Keepsake FOR FREE and add it to your playlists!

The five piece Indie/Alternative Irish band have set the bar high for the upcoming release of the debut album.

The latest single, Keepsake, off their debut album, Goodbye Iowa, has already received claim and praise from music critics and reviewers globally.

Glden Plec say: “The song itself is a pleasant tune, and with low vocals and rich instrumentation, favourable comparisons with The National spring to mind”

Influenced by the likes of Arcade Fire and The National, their unique and emotive sound creates a moody atmosphere. Their deep and lyrical music is predicated in classic rock, but their modern sound push it into new lyrical areas.

The album is expected to be released in August, and you can head over to their soundcloud page for some little teasers off the upcoming album

For more, head over to their website

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