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The Manhattan Syndrome have released two tracks off their soon to be released album!
07 Jul 2014


The Manhattan Syndrome are drawing out the release of the up and coming debut album Goodbye Iowaby releasing a couple of preview tracks!

First up is Nova Scotia, a mellow and grungy sounding track that is slow paced and features deep and powerful vocals. The track’s chorus builds up into a classic rock feel, with a simple guitar riff and resonating sound.

Have a listen:

Next up is The One Thing That Won’t Go Away. This track has a heavy emphasis on the band’s percussion instruments, mainly the piano and the drums. They fuse these two sounds together to create a steady and rhythmic tune. The vocals are less dramatic than Nova Scotia, but they are no less powerful. It’s another slow paced track that builds up its dramatic energy through passionate and emotional lyrics.

Have a listen:

The Manhattan Syndrome are Irish musical geniuses who create indie and alternative music that is empowering and dramatic. They began production for their debut album, ‘Goodbye Iowa’ in 2013, and now the time for its release is finally here! Well almost, so far they have released three songs off the album, and we can’t wait for the rest! With the release date set for August 2014, it’s only a matter of time before we can get our grubby little hands on it!

The band behold an immense talent and seriousness about their music, that is lacking among many Irish bands. They are a stripped down version of many other unsigned Dublin acts, baring an emphatic resemblance to The National, right down to the deep and contemplative vocals over each track. “ Golden Plec 

For more, check out their website


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