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The Manhattan Syndrome Release 'Cold Company' VIDEO!
05 Jan 2012

The Manhattan Syndrome have released their official video for the sweet indie track ‘Cold Company’ on Youtube and already the raves have started to flood in.

The track made it at Number 25 in the ‘Top 40 songs of 2011’ in the blog ‘2 U I Bestow’. Check it out HERE!

Moreover, the track has been featured on and here is what the kind people had to say about their tunes:

The Manhattan Syndrome is a Dublin indie band specialising in the kind of swelling melody and gorgeous sentiment that would have even the most dead-eyed malcontent composing epic music videos in their heads where everyone is better-looking and is totally in love despite themselves. A little of The National, a little Stornoway, a little of the guilty pleasure in the best 80s power ballads, The Manhattan Syndrome was made for stadium singalongs. It’s not often you hear such a massive sound from an Irish indie band. Yes, I think you’re going to like this”.

For more information on The Manhattan Syndrome, head to

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