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The Manhattan Syndrome released their emotional new single, Keepsake
30 Jun 2014

From their debut album, Goodbye Iowa, the Manhattan Syndrome have released their latest single, Keepsake.

 The song is a refinement of the sound the band have become known for, with rich baritone vocals sitting on an atmospheric bed of guitars and keys. Featuring guest performances from Valerie Francis (voice), and Eoin Grace (trumpet). The single is both an evolution of the bands style, and a departure from it. They are developing their sound along deeper and more emotive lines and evolving their sound into a more refined style. Sentiments of isolation, love, and loss, make ‘Goodbye Iowa’ a work the band are exceptionally proud of

 The Manhattan Syndrome “is moving, thought-provoking and a perfect example of the talent that is brewing in Ireland’s underground music scene. Easy to listen to, and even easier to love, it would be unsurprising if The Manhattan Syndrome experienced growing success over the next two or three years.” Golden Plec 

The track is introduced with an acoustic guitar riff and a simplistic tune. The deep vocals are emotional and immerse you in the magical sound of the track. The slow rock ballad is emotive and powerful. The lyrical and melodic vocals showcase dark and poignant lyrics that instil an emotional resonance throughout the song. The tracks builds up its emotional intensity throughout and progresses through to an epic track. The backing vocals add a feminine touch yet it is also more eerie and powerful.

The single was released alongside its official video, a black and white progression of the songs narrative. The video shows children miming the lyrics and evokes a very powerful image through the inversion of adult struggles portrayed against the innocence of a child. The slow and soulful track is ingrained with blues and soul, with the evident rock style of the band shining through.

The Dublin indie/alternative band has their style embedded in traditional rock yet pushes it into unique areas of the genre. Arcade Fire and The National influence them, and it shows through their music. Seeping through with mystical elements of alternative rock, the Manhattan syndrome showcases music that is exhilarating and epic.

This is the first full-length album from the band, that will be released later this year. The band has spent two years writing and recording it, and now the release of the first single is finally here!


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