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The Manhattan Syndrome reviewed by Demonic Nights!
10 Dec 2011

Once again The Manhattan Syndrome have received high praise from a reviewer! Although this review is in German, we put it into Google Translate for you. Whilst the translator sometimes produces a deranged kind of English, you get the point that this reviewer loves The Manhattan Syndrome, giving them an awesome 8/10 for their EP ‘And We Left It Behind’. You can grab it on Itunes HERE!

Thank the internet, bands are given ample opportunity to bring their music to the listener. The Irish indie-rock rookies The Manhattan syndromes are taking advantage of the World Wide Web and offer their debut EP “And We Left Behind It” for free download. The quintet from Dublin’s Sigur Ros and Leonard Cohen as influences, and that hits the orientation of the band quite well.Understand the lady there with men of piano, guitar, synth sounds, and especially Evan Heneghan multi-faceted vocals conjure up a true sound experience that indie greats like The National, Arcade Fire or Fanfarlo in no way inferior. When you hear the first sounds of the opener “Cold Company”, one can hardly believe that we are dealing here not with an already established act – as the sovereign Irishmen go to work. Melancholic vocals are supported by subtle piano sounds and simple drum accompaniment. When finally the use of synthesizers and chorus starts, it almost feels in such a way as if you had to do it with another singer, which is obviously not the case. Heneghan’s just the brand in low tones Matt Berninger (The National) as good a figure as in airy heights.

In “Carnival”, the listener after the first chorus with an almost Sigur Ros-like fragility of the skeleton song will be surprised. This is only held together with piano and vocals, only to shortly thereafter to win again with acoustic guitar, synths, pounding drums and vocal harmonies to stop. “The Manhattan syndrome” reflects a similar vulnerability and resignation that seems to attract itself to all the way through songs.Even if the song is rather unspectacular, so playing on a musical level off some.Especially the second half with scores under the skin backing vocals and playful drum parts.

At last, with “Hollow Heads” again pressed firmly on the lacrimal gland. What’s going on here is emotion, but incomprehensible. Stands in the first two minutes Heneghan still suffering singing in the foreground are from the dawn of the third minute, the instrumental group including female vocals set the tone. The end does every post-rock heart beat faster and completes the brief but intense listening experience perfectly.

At The Manhattan Syndrome is an indie-diamonds, which you should definitely keep an eye on. The degree of intensity, which is able to produce with only four of the five songs is impressive. Remains to be seen only if the Irishman can also hold this tension for a long time, finally, when the first long-pending groove. Fans and melancholy sounds of the above mentioned bands should at least do not think too long and “And We Left Behind It” quickly get (free).

Read the review in German HERE
For more information on The Manhattan Syndrome check out their spiffy new website at
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