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The Manhattan Syndrome Teaser Tracks
12 Aug 2014

Following the rave reception of ‘Keepsake’, the first single off their upcoming album ‘Goodbye Iowa’, The Manhattan Syndrome has released more teasers of their long awaited debut.

This Ireland based Indie/Alternative band has taunted our inner moody rockers, firstly with the release of ‘Keepsake’, and now with the two teaser tracks up on SoundCloud.

‘The One Thing That Won’t Go Away’ and ‘Nova Scotia’ are just snippets of what is to come on the highly anticipated full album – set to be released this month!

Both tracks have retained the bands signature melodic rock sound and melancholic baritone vocals and feature themes of isolation, love and loss. Lyrically and melodically full of heart, this album is looking to be the end-all of heartbreak records.

Keep your eye on this space, as well as the band’s homepage for more information on the release of ‘Goodbye Iowa’.

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