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The Naked Truth Goes To Number 3 In Atlanta!!!
15 Jan 2015

After twenty years of silence the cyber-punk, jazz-metal quartet, The Naked Truth, has made it to number 3 on the Reverbnation Local Chart in Atlanta.


With their latest album, the members Doug Watts (Vocals,Guitar), Bernard Dawson (Drums), Michael Hankins (Guitar), Donnell Green (Bass), are happy that they have made it this far on the charts.


From Atlanta, Georgia released their new CD, ‘The Cure’, and released to LP’s ‘Green With Rage’ and ‘Fight’, and toured extensively around Europe. From the last two decades they are glad that they can tour again and make new music.

You can download all the Naked Truth albums on iTunes. Search under ” the naked truth band” .For more information about the band, check out their Facebook page and website:


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