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The Naked Truth makes it to the TOP TEN of ReverbNation!
17 May 2019

Top 10 on the ReverbNation charts! That’s the email that The Naked Truth woke up to this Wednesday, and we at Blue Pie couldn’t be happier to deliver this awesome news to all you metalheads out there. Those who don’t know The Naked Truth will now have a means to be introduced to one of the best metal punk bands on the planet. Those who do know The Naked Truth can be satisfied that the quality of their work is cemented with this accomplishment. This is a big day in metal history as far as The Naked Truth is concerned, so let’s celebrate by checking out some of the best hits of their music! But before that… check this out. You could consider it a trophy, a symbol of how much the band’s fans love them! And The Naked Truth is most grateful for that fact!

top 10 naked truth

That’s truly an excellent email to receive. The Naked Truth may be green with rage but we’re pretty sure they’ll be pretty happy to get this news. Time to “message the fans” in a different way- with this celebratory article!

This is a classic that we can’t help but draw attention to a second time. Like we said last time, it’s moody, powerful, angry stuff, which is just the perfect sort of blend for the subject matter and music style- this isn’t the typical fun metal of hating the world and expressing raw anger and little else… this has a social context behind it, which you can read about here! There’s even more info on their website.

Let’s continue this nostalgia trip with one of their best and most popular songs, Read Between The Lines!

Music videos only go so far with appreciating excellent music though. Any serious music lover has to have their music in a playlist to listen to on the go… like, say, a Spotify, and a playlist of the best they have to offer! This band is absolutely iconic, and this playlist is the perfect way to bring that to the modern music world once more!

Chillingly good songs that you can easily bang your head to. Beyond that, check out their social media and official links below, and bring back the good old angry days of 90s metal! Or drop them an email if you want their excellent presence for any gigs you’re planning. Until then… this is an auspicious day in metal history and it’s time we all took a moment to soak it in. So play your music loud, bang your head until your neck aches, and get lost in the punk thrashing of this excellent group of talented performers!

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