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The Naked Truth prepare to tour and get the design love from Blue Pie Records !
02 Feb 2014

Naked Truth are preparing to inject your ears with truth worms that will resonate with your soul. As they say: “The TRUTH is out there”, and Doug Watts will be taking it to your brain this year with the power of his music.

Naked Truth are an Atlanta, Georgia based quartet originating in the local hardcore scene in 1988, although the individual band members arrived from far afield: vocalist Doug Watts came from Detroit, bassist Jeff from Harlem, New York, and drummer Bernard Dawson from Los Angeles, while Jimmie Westley was the only Georgia native, from Savannah.

Life was initially tough for this black metal band in Georgia, but the dreadlocked groups singer (D.Watts) caught the interest of former Clash manager Bernie Rhodes, and he helped the band sign to Sony and they relocated to London. After meeting bassist London-born Kwame Boaten the band was ready for the road.

The band were fortunate to pick up a UK tour with Scat Opera and Little Angels, after a Motorhead support slot was lost due to a tour cancellation by lead singer (Lemmy). The band has a cult following, helped by a series of London residencies. The bands next release “Fight” demonstrated the band’s ability to mix styles as diverse as jazz and death metal seamlessly and convincingly, while Doug Watts supplied varied vocals, from rap to all-out hardcore rage, and intelligent lyrics.

“Green with Rage” introduced Naked Truth’s raw, aggressive sound, which was given an individual slant by jazz and funk influences. Next they offered up the “Read between the lines” EP.

The entire Naked Truth catalogue has been digitally remastered and repackaged for your brains to tune in to what is probably one of the greatest black punk metal bands to emerge from the 80’s metal scene. Click here to download the bands albums from iTunes. 

The bands entire image and brand are now in development and being rebranded for a new audience to discoer. With legends like Bernie now attached and the power house of Blue Pie Records global distribution platform and license teams now seeking film and TV placements, we are very excited to have been able to be part of the bands new image development. 

The band is in the Naked Truth Bunker preparing to record some new material and developing the new show. We will keep news and media releases flowing as live dates are announced. 

For all the latest news on the band visit the following websites and check out the bands videos below on YOU TUBE. 

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