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The Objex Touring for 2013 ...lock up your kids and goats !
10 Jan 2013

Blue Pie’s Alternative Punk ‘n’ Roll band The Objex is performing a show at the Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas on January 18th as part of the AVN Party from 10 pm onwards.

The four piece group consisting of Felony Melony on vocals, Jim Nasty on guitar, Ch!li on drums and Ivan on bass were originally formed in 2006 and are heavily influenced by David Bowie, Tina Turner, Green Day, and Chuck Berry. Their debut album in 2007 “Attack of the Objex” resulted in a series of shows and high profile appearances. They became quickly noticed for their outlandish and aggressive style and their music was included in many independent films, TV shows and magazines.

In 2010, they won the Vegas Rocks Award for Best Punk Rock Band and were later nominated for a Hollywood Music Award for best alternative song in 2011. They have recently recorded their latest EP and are preparing to release it within the next month.

With the help or Self Made Records in the UK, the band will be announcing dates for an upcoming tour for the 2nd QTR 2013. The band is scorching hot and we absolutely love them with all our punk rock passion we can muster. Check out all their clips on YOU TUBE

Make sure you check get down to support these guys! Event details are at the link below are here

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