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The return of the great Swedish metal band, Silver Mountain!
20 May 2014

Does the band name Silver Mountain ring a nostalgic bell? Well get ready metal heads because the band has reunited and they’ve made one hell of a comeback!

Formed in the late seventies by guitar virtuoso Jonas Hansson, Silver Mountain rapidly scaled the ladder to become to Sweden what Metallica were to the US, the new heroes of the Swedish metal explosion of a decade when heavy metal ruled the planet.

Swedish Metal always had its ”sound”, its ”feel” a unique creativity injected with tremendous energy and often tingling rawness, but always with plenty of huge hooks, riffs and terrific melodies. And make no mistake; this sound owes its origin to Silver Mountain!

Well they have made an ultimate testament to Swedish Metal, transcendental in their fluency, skill and adaptability with their reunion tour of 2010 at Friluftsteatern in Malmö, Sweden. When the line-up from 1979 came on and the cult single ”Man of no present existence”, the crowd just dwelled in nostalgia with songs from Shakin brains, Universe, Roses & Champagne, and their latest album Breakin’ Chains released in 2001.

You can purchase the reunion’s DVD tour and much more in the official shop here.

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