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The Rudies Article in Skope Magazine!
21 Sep 2011

Skope Magazine recently did a feature article on Blue Pie band ‘The Rudies’.

 Here is a little taste of the article:

It seems safe to say amongst most people, the unmistakable sounds and lyrics of Reggae tend to conjure the same mental images/emotions. There are the Caribbean settings, island grooves and socially conscious messages, all piped through the lyrical delivery of a dreadlocked singer backed by the ubiquitous Tropicalia instrumentation that comes along with the genre. That being said, most people would be hard-pressed to imagine Roots Reggae from the heart of Bluegrass and Bourbon country. But for Kentucky Reggae/Ska outfit Rudies, it is the message of the genre that takes precedent, reinforcing that the music is about the ideas of the head and the emotions of the heart, regardless of where it is made. So when the group of like-minded musicians came together, they purposefully melded their influences of Reggae, Ska and Punk into a sound that was as focused as it was far-reaching.

 [The Rudies] are riding their last release Attila The Dub—an eight-track album that highlights the individual facets of their signature sound. “We wanted to put out something that reflected every nuance of what we’re doing,” Jerrod said. “We wanted to show our musicianship of course, but we also wanted to show where our heads are at.” The title track “Attila The Dub” spotlights the Ska side of things with blaring horn work and the Rock side with electric guitar wails. What’s especially noteworthy is that the rhythm section also follows the style changes from the verses to the chorus.

You can read the whole article HERE!

You can find out more about The Rudies HERE!

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