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The Rudies get Reviewed!
28 Apr 2011

Serbian website, Time Machine Music have reviewed The Rudies’ self-titled album! They have given a positive review, with a rating of 7/10.

“They released a self-titled album, which they presented as a group that [is] infected with the 70s 80s  reggae movement, and music that is creative/created in this period. The Skatalites, Prince Buster, Early Wailers, The Upseters are some of the names under whose influence Rudies create their own story, which also absorbed elements of originality, as expressed by social attitudes. The songs are stylistically different, having some more ska charge, others are more traditional reggae style, while the part was made in a mix of reggae/dub approach. Two songs I would point out as interesting, and “No Justice”, and “Psycho Babylon” playing with interesting dualities between dub and psychedelic phrases. Part of the materials are consists of more ska, of other more classic reggae, or reggae dub influental themes.”

To read the entire review, head to
But remember to hit the ‘translate’ button to read it in English.

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