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The Rudies podcast with Swoop's World Primetime!
03 Aug 2012

The Rudies front man Saint Jerrod made a guest appearance on online radio hub ‘Swoop’s World Primetime’ yesterday, giving fans and listeners a small glimpse into the world of being in a band.

Blending the styles of reggae, punk and ska is not always easy, but The Rudies have their own process of making it work.

In the interview, Jerrod said recording every band practice helps develop their writing, especially when the band only get together once a week on average.

“We get some really sick dubs going and we don’t want to lose them,” he said.

Listening to their unique style, it’s clear the Kentucky born and bred musicians aim to do more with their music then to get foots tapping and booty’s shaking. Their songs go much deeper than that, delving into political issues and the struggles of the working class.

“We like to get people thinking and entertain them at the same time,” he said.

During the program, listeners had a chance to discover what the Rudies were really about, hearing the tracks ‘Quest for Fire’ and ‘Somebody’s Gotta Go to Jail.’ Although Jerrod did describe ‘Quest for Fire’ as the only song that is closest to resembling a love song.

Jerrod also gave a special mention to Blue Pie and CEO Damien Reilly for being really cool about their music and helping them out.

It seems the band’s hard work has not gone unnoticed over the years. They have received a lot of positive feedback, building a strong force of global fans, particularly from Asia, Australia and England.

The Rudies have shown that following their passion for music and keeping their material real are the most important components of being a musician.

The wise words of Saint Jerrod “You’ve got to leave the world in a better spot than how you found it,” ring true. The Rudies have done just that.

To listen to the interview, visit the Swoop’s World Website.

Also, check out their Facebook and Reverbnation pages.

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