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The Rudies Review with Indie Band Guru.
28 Aug 2012

Recently, Rude World Order, the second album by Blue Pie’s punk rock reggae group The Rudies was reviewed by musician and blogger Indie Band Guru.

After providing an insight into the band’s influences which include Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Bad Brains, he emphasises that the band’s focus is “not about the fame and stardom but rather the joy and fun of playing their own mash up of sound”, before turning his attention to the release of the band’s second album.
He cites ‘Somebody Gotta Go To Jail’ as the album’s signature song which can be “universally loved by all” because of it’s successful mix of the band’s various styles.
He also gives mention to ‘Bad Times’ and ‘One for I’ which stand out despite their contrasting styles, because of their interesting sounds and features which include upbeat tempos and smooth effects.
Indie Music Guru believes Rude World Order is a great success because of the band’s ability to effectively mash up various styles to produce not just an album, but a ‘medicine’ that allows listeners to let their “cares slip away”.
To read more on the review, visit the Indie Band Guru.
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